Culture is the bedrock of the human experience. The human-journey is a recurring journey through this cultural continuum. It creates traditions and folkways and also new wave and pop culture.

“In your own existence, you have the capacity to ROCK the world.”

“The universe’s moral arc only bends toward justice with all of us pressing on it.”

“Resilience is a human necessity”

“We must help artists integrated into every aspect of community. They should not be limited to exhibits and stages. Artists should be facilitating meetings sitting at the table with change leaders.”

2 Cents From Carol

2 Cents From Carol

Women’s Month

Black History is a celebration every day! February is just a spotlight month for celebrating. And, the ancestors were remembered and honored in fine fashion this year. We chose to enjoy a lot of the offerings and to participate with others. For a lingering and moving Black History experience, I invite you to listen to Out Ancestry by Bambola 2000. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2&v=-IfWmWrnsW0&feature=emb_logo&fbclid=IwAR2V5aaybjA_DfloO9l8cLDlsL4hbqGAbCW0AnPsQs_jaxy9TZilUpxdRHY It is March now–– the month that celebrates women. I, Carol “AKUA” Bebelle, owe much of my cultural roots to the women in my life. I owe my insight and my expansive and nimble vision to the many grand and godmothers and goddaughters. I owe it to my sisters, friends and allies. I am because...

A Salutation to Mothers

 A salutation to mothers Today we celebrate our mothers: our godmothers, our grandmothers, our aunties, our pretend mothers, our friend mothers...all the people who have held us so that we are who we are today. Arise, in salute to mothers, is offering a tribute this Mother's Day from Sula Spirit. Please enjoy, and tune in over the week for more from Sula.

Highly Holy

It's Holy Week and also Passover: two religious celebrations that call us to recognize the promise of light, life, and hope after darkness. You could say our world is in turmoil. The potential for trouble is everywhere and there is cause to be deflated, resigned to bad times, pessimism and depression. Some say that in the continual struggle between good and evil,  evil seems to be winning.These holy holidays and spring itself should cause us to realize that change is inevitable. History has demonstrated over and over again that, in the course of human events, change comes. Sometimes, a reckoning. Progress is possible even inevitable when we are able to assure that our individual portion of the universe is engaged and contributing our part as we should.Sometimes, when the world is a ball...

10 months ago

And So….

Bl​​essings and best Wishes to all y'all in this New Year and at a time when so much attention is being given to Black History.

We celebrate the glorious history of African people ... See more

1 year ago

A little something I cooked up with SulaSpirit and Joy Clark. The first from a collection called Little Pieces /A Medicine Bag. Hope you enjoy!!

1 year ago

It's Maafa weekend join us for the Sankofa Circle tomorrow June 30, 2021 at 7:00 pm



 Akua Productions is the next chapter platform for Carol Bebelle, New Orleans cultural thought leader, producer, artist, advocate and visionary. She ended a 21 year term as co-founder and Executive Director of Ashe’ Cultural Arts Center in December 2019. 

AKUA Productions is a production, communications, facilitating, collaborating and advising practice. 

AKUA Productions specializes in cultural, social and human development and support efforts directed toward accomplishing equity and justice in our society and the world.






          Individual and organizational

          Non profit and special projects

          Planning/start up/emerging/ established

          Human Services

          Community engaged work

          Cultural Diversity and Equity

          Racial Healing



           Audio/visual promotional projects

           Special events

           Community engaged cultural and art projects

Special Events

          Community engaged work

          Cultural Diversity and Equity

          Racial Healing

Facilitate the Establishment of Community engaged partnership network
Commission writings on:

           Community engaged work

           Cultural Diversity and Equity

           Racial Healing

About Carol

Carol Bebelle

Carol Bebelle, a native New Orleanian. She holds a Bachelors Degree from Loyola University in Sociology and a Master’s Degree from Tulane University in Education Administration. She has a 20 year career in the public sector as an administrator and planner of human service programs. 



In Memory of Redd’s House

In A Manner of Speaking (A published collection of Work)

From A Bend in the River  (featured poet)

Imagining America Commissioned Poems

Weaving the WE A Cautionary Note

Film Producer

In Memory of Redd’s House (Author & Narrator)

With Bended Knee (Story of St. Augustine’s Marching 100)

Redemption of the FLEUR de Lis (Creative Director & Narrator)

Great Day New Orleans ( Creative Direction & Narrator)

Ashe’ 20th Anniversary Feature (Creative Director & Narrator)

Producer/ Collaborations


The Gift / A Christmas Story (Narrator)

Healing Force ( Featured Artist/)

My Dear New Orleans (Featured Artist)

Conferences, workshops, convenings, retreat (producer) 

Voodoo McBeth (Creation Process) , Executive Producer

Origin of Life /An African Creation Myth (Co-Author, Executive Producer)

Swimming Upstream ( Co-Author/Executive Producer)

Class Reunion   ( Co-Author play)

Heart of the Matter ( Co-Author/Executive Producer Play)

13 Lessons Play( Executive Producer)

Special Events

Black Theater Festival (NOLA)

Great Day New Orleans  ( Historic Shoot Black Artist in New Orleans )

Maafa 15 yers/  Executive Producer

V to the 10th  (Co- Executive Producer w/ Eve Ensler)

Freedom Rides 50th Anniversary (Associate Producer)

Holiday on the Boulevard Festival  ( 17 yrs)

Vagina Monologues (Executive Producer 10 years )

National Day of Racial Healing /A Concert. (Executive Producer 2 years )

Dr. Martin Luther King/ Ceasar Chavecz Luncheon ( 5 years)




Belonging is the core element of the human experience. Our well-being is experienced and modeled through our sense of being a part of a bigger enduring existence of family.


WE-making acknowledges this reality and calls us to behave in ways that encourage togetherness. WE-making recognizes the sage advice of proverbs that urge us to be connected and to exist together. The sacred role of family, the supporting role of friends and the processes of life create intimate circles of family and friends.  These improvisational efforts are often unconscious yet enlarge our intimate circles while simultaneously strengthening our sense of belonging.


This community of support is also our influence for becoming ourselves. Belonging is essential to the human experience to Becoming. The more we live, the more we develop and evolve our personal expression of humanity. Again sage wisdom advises us that “our lives are shaped by those who love us and those who refuse to love us.” 


WE-making draws attention to these core elements of life. WE-making raises consciousness, and advocates for our ultimate well-being which develops from our inter-connection with each other. Improving our awareness and demonstration of WE-consciousness is critical to the United States of America’s survival. Our covenant documents such as: The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution begin with powerful “We the People” statements.


Ultimately, WE-making is an active reminder and commitment to our intimate participation in the human family and the movement to establish a truly democratic and equitable nation on the planet.

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